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Corkman and former hurler, Paul Tierney has summited all 214 peaks featured in Alfred Wainwright’s seven-volume Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells (1955-66) beating the previous record by a whopping seven hours. The previous record was set in 2014 by Steve Birkenshaw at 6 days 13 hours and 1 minute. The 512 kilometre route over the 214 peaks has Tierney ascent 36,000m, akin to 12 marathons over 4 Everest summits. Paul and his wife Sarah McCormack (herself an international runner) operate a running coaching business in Cumbria, UK. Check them out at Missing Link Running Coaching.

Jasmin Paris Spine Race

British ultra runner Jasmin Paris has won the  Montane Spine non-stop ultramarathon that takes competitors along the full Pennine Way. Paris (35) smashed out the course in 83 hours, beating the previous best by more than 12 hours.

Paris is also the first female to win the race outright. Her total rest time included eating, sleeping, sorting her kit and expressing milk for her 14th month old daughter came to just over 7 hours.  

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Rei Iida completes her section of the Princess Ekiden relay with a fractured leg

Rei Iida, 19 year old participant in the Princess Ekiden long-distance running relay race in Fukoka, Western Japan suffered a serious leg injust 200m before her stage was complete. The intrepid runner continued on, crawling on her knees to complete the section and pass the baton to her companion on the Iwatani Sangyo team.

Top questions barefooters get asked!

Q. What about glass?

A. There is much less glass than you think, besides lots of us use minimalist shoes like Vibram Fivefingers or everyday barefoot shoes like Magical Shoes which have a thin sole.

Q. With no protection or just a thin sole, is it sore when you walk on a twig or stone?

A. It's not sore, but you do feel it. When unshod or with minimalist shoes, after a period of adjustment the nerves in your feet adjust back to normal and your soles aren't as soft so they distribute the force over a wider surface area. That's partly why some people use minimalist shoes before going totally barefoot.

On May 29, 1954, a young chemist named Diane Leather became the first woman to run a mile in under five minutes. For most of her life, Leather’s accomplishments were met with little fanfare. But in later years, the record-setting athlete, who died of a stroke earlier this month at the age of 85, was recognized as a pioneer in the sport and an inspiration to other runners.

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Christopher McDougallBilly Yang interviews Christopher McDougall, American journalist and author of Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen. His 2009 best-selling ethnography sold over three million copies and sparked a movement in minimalist running.

McDougalls engaging storytelling in Born to run traces members of the Tarahumara Indian tribe living in the copper canyons of Mexico. After repeateded running injuries, McDougall marvels at this tribe's ability to run ultra distances (more than 100 miles) at incredible speeds, without suffering the typical running inflicted injuries.

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