TRX Home Kit PackageBarefoot are now suppliers of Official TRX products in Ireland. One of our most popular new products is the TRX Home Suspension Training kit which is a superb product from TRX. Read our review below.

The TRX Home Suspension Training kit comes with all the stuff you need to use it at home, you can connect it to a door as suggested but I have double-doors between my living and dining rooms so I wedge the doors open and hang it off a 2 x 4 that sits on top of the doors. It comes with exercise cards and there's plenty of videos to follow from the official site where you can register your kit and get free access to training regimes using your hologram code. Suspension training is strange to begin with but you quickly find that's part of what keeps it interesting. Pikes and push-ups and all the normal movements are much harder because you've much less stability to begin with.


I think it'll become more useful going into the winter months where it's harder to talk myself into outdoor stuff without going through a decent warm-up workout inside first. It's an enjoyable part of my routine now and I find it quick to set-up and break-down as needed. It bundles away quite well, so it may come on holidays with me later in the year too, though I'll leave the 2x4 at home I think.


Popular with celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Jaime Pressly, Mary J. Blige, Jeremy Piven, Natalie Coughlin and Jennifer Lopez the TRX home suspension kit has also made appearances on TV shows like "The Biggest Loser" and in many fitness magazines. It's a neat bit of kit, very durable and lots of fun to use.

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Suspension training is a type of strength and resistance training where we use ropes or webbing allowing us to work against our own bodyweight. We carry the Total Resistance eXercise (TRX) brand of suspension trainers here at Barefoot which was developed by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick in the 90s and first marketed commercially in 2005. TRX Suspension training kits and the exercise books and videos show a series of resistance and strength training movements that allow us to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability all at the same time. You do need some core strength to effectively use the system, just like any equipment scenarios you always listen to your body to ensure you're comfortable with the movement. 


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