Care & Washing Guide

Vibram Fivefingers are machine washable on a cool setting, do not wash above 30°C. Once you've washed them, leave them to drip-dry. After time and wear, shoes may start to look a little tired. Here are some tips so they look newer for longer!

  • Treat suede with an appropriate protector before wearing. Invest in a suede brush and give your shoes a little TLC from time to time, to keep the nap (that's the texture) raised and looking fresh.
  • When it's raining and your shoes get wet, resist the temptation to blast them with a hairdryer or pop them in the dryer. Stuff them with newspaper and allow to dry naturally somewhere a little warm like an airing cupboard. 
  • Rub a pea-sized amount of anti-bacterial shampoo into the sole of your shoe before washing.The anti-bacterial proprieties in the shampoo helps kill off any pongy odors and prevents them from returning. 

A little care and attention to your new Vibram Fivefingers will keep them looking sharp everyday.

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