Elite Warriors Maximus Leather

The Maximus are the "missing link" between Warriors and Mountain Goats. With a thickness of 7mm, they remain light and flexible, but offer you extra comfort off-road and on longer distances. The Vibram® Newflex profile also gives you optimal grip on the Warriors Maximus. The comfortable footbed made of high-quality goatskin ensures a pleasant foot climate and wearing comfort.

Shamma's proven Ultra Lacing System, which fixes your foot perfectly on the footbed made of special anti-slip material and can be perfectly adjusted with the help of two pleasantly soft Velcro fasteners, is of course also used in the Warriors Maximus.

Tip: To further secure your Maximus around the ankle when running or hiking, there are the Shamma Power Straps.
Shamma Sandals Elite Warriors Maximus Leather
€ 119.90
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Shamma Sandals Elite Warriors Maximus Leather
Shamma Sandals Elite Warriors Maximus Leather
  • Thickness (inside tread): 7mm-8mm
  • Thickness (total with tread): 9mm
  • Weight: approximately 254g / sandal (at size 9)
  • Material:  outsole: rubber, straps: nylon, footbed:leather
  • Good for: hiking, trail running, travelling

Shamma Sandals are handmade in Santa Cruz, California. Each sandal is a one-off piece made of high-quality materials - simple and powerful.

All Shamma Sandals models are characterized by excellent workmanship, high flexibility and a very direct feel on the ground. The main differences lie in the sole used for each individual model. The Warrior style are extremely thin and have a terrain profile. The Charger style are an excellent all-round sandal, with a slightly thicker sole for a little more comfort on the ground.

Hand Selected Materials

Individually selected rubber and leather is tough and durable. Perfect for running, these materials bring comfort and refinement to our sandals. No-slip Insole / Outsole post design keeps the heel strap up and in position at all times.

Elite Lacing System

Fifth generation lacing system is the most comfortable and secure system out there. With three adjustment zones it's easy to get the perfect fit. Constructed and lined with Toray Ultrasuede® for maximum comfort, these laces hug and contour to your feet.

High Performance

The lightweight minimal design of Shamma Sandals make them ideal for running. Especially hitting the trail at high speed, Shammas are the ultimate minimalist running sandal. The flexibility of the sole coupled with the Elite Lacing System, make the sandals feel more like a glove than traditional sandals.

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