Shamma Sandals Sizing

Foot shapes and sizes vary greatly. To achieve the best fitting results for the particular style you are interested in, we recommend you to follow the sizing chart and instructions below:

Shamma Sandals Sizing Chart

Make sure your printer does not resize the downloaded PDF or use the shrink to fit feature when printing. You can test this against the ruler on the printed sheet. Larger sizes may need to be printed across 2 sheets of paper.

To check sizing for Shamma Sandals, print out the appropriate template. Place your foot on the template so that the toe hole is between your big toe and first little toe. Make sure that your toes don't hang off the front of the template and, that your ankles line up with the ankle slots on the sides of the sandal. If the ankle slots are slightly under your foot, that’s fine, the laces will come up and around your feet. Make sure that your toes do not go past the front of the sandal, that your heel does not go past the back of the sandal, and that the toe hole and ankle slots line up with your feet. You want there to be no more than 0.5 cm between your longest tow and the template edge, or your heel and the template edge.

Don't have a printer?

How to measure your feet for Shamma Sandals without a printer

  • 01Stand with your heels flush against a flat vertical wall.
  • 02Slide a ruler under each foot and measure the distance from the wall to the tip of the longest toe.
  • 03Take the longer of the two measurements.
  • 04Check the sizing table to get your size.
  • 05You can add up to 0.5 cm spacing at the front and back to get the best size.
Foot Length (CM)Shamma SizePrintable template
21.9-22.4 4 Download our sizing template
22.5-23.5 5 Download our sizing template
23.6-23.9 6 Download our sizing template
24.0-24.7 7 Download our sizing template
24.8-25.6 8 Download our sizing template
25.7-26.4 9 Download our sizing template
26.5-27.3 10 Download our sizing template
27.4-28.1 11 Download our sizing template
28.2-29.0 12 Download our sizing template
29.1-30.1 13 Download our sizing template
30.2-31.3 14 Download our sizing template



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