Skinners 2.0 Anthracite

Skinners 2.0 (Anthracite)

Skinners 2.0 Ivory Ireland
Ultra-versatile, 4-in-1 patented minimalist footwear with a lightweight, weatherproof, yet durable design. Packed with a perforated insole, long-lasting polymer sole and functional fibers. Designed to keep up with you no matter what adventure you soak into.
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Skinners 2.0 Anthracite Ireland
Skinners 2.0 Anthracite Ireland
Skinners 2.0 Anthracite Ireland

Skinners 2.0 are the latest addition to the Skinners family. The forefoot area offers significantly more space compared to the previous version, with a wider toe-box, especially good for passionate barefoot runners and wider feet. We include an additional insole, which makes it easier and more comfortable to walk and run barefoot and also serves as an additional layer buffering against sharp terrain like rocks, stones, and scree. Of course, Skinners 2.0 have the tried and tested Skinners sole construction guaranteeing the absolute freedom of movement for your foot. 

Skinners 2.0 also boasts a longer lifespan, lasting up to 800kms as compared to the 650kms expectation from Original Skinners. They're more comfortable, have better mositure wicking and more foot protection around the sides in particular. 

  • Areas of use: sport (indoor or outdoor), hiking, walking, travelling, everyday life.
  • Special features: small pack size.
  • Weight : 95g (pair, size M)
  • Material: 45% polyamide, 32% cotton, 20% polyester, 3% elastane. Skinners are vegan.
  • Care: Washable at 30°C preferably in a laundry bag (hand or machine). Do not spin, do not tumble dry.


Skinners 2.0

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